Speakers and Sessions

Nathan Dotz – Test-Driving Android and Battery-Powered Sheep


Find out how your code will be better if you define in a provable way how your code should function before you write it. Test-driving code reduces the penchant for writing code we don’t need while increasing productivity on the code we do need, and provides a working model of how each part of our system works, deterring regressions. Don’t believe me? Come follow along with me as we walk through testing a simple game before we write alick of production code.

Nathan Dotz is a software engineer at Detroit Labs, where miracles are performed on mobile devices, and a founding member of the All Hands Active Hackerspace, which has been working steadfastly to awesomify the brains of creators for over 3 years. He’s an open-source contributor, an open-education advocate, and a functional programming fanboy.

Terry May – Android Accessory Development


This presentation will demonstrate the basics of connecting Android devices to Arduino Microcontrollers. The focus will be on Version 1.0 of the Android Open Accessory protocol. Terry will also demo the “lol charger” and go over how it communicates with an Android device using simple messages over a usb connection. The goal of this presentation is to give developers an idea of what to expect while developing custom Android accessories.

Terry May is an infamous Detroit area Software Developer, autodidact and hacker.  He has done everything from small appliance repairman, television production assistant, WILX Graphic Designer, IT guy, assistant video editor, free lance 3D animator, WKBD Graphic Designer, flash guy and Multimedia Specialist.  He started hacking as a teenager on Commodore 64s and CB radios.

Terry is a polyglot programmer and ECMAScript virtuoso.  Today he works on Android Apps, Unity 3D and Augmented Reality projects for Detroit Labs.  Terry recently began hacking with Arduino and will share his findings and the possibilities of the Arduino world with his usual fun, down-to-earth, curious and un-pretentious flair.

Godfrey Nolan – Decompiling Android


Godfrey Nolan is founder and president of RIIS, a mobile and web development firm in the Detroit Metro area. He is also author of “Decompiling Java” and “Decompiling Android” and is currently working on “Android Best Practices”. Godfrey has spoken at AnDevCon, Agile and Beyond, Codemash, 1DevDay, and many local Java and .NET user groups on a wide range of topics, such as continuous integration, executable requirements and mobile security.

David Truxall – Consuming Web Services

David Truxall

As mobile apps continue to get more sophisticated, they need data, whether it’s the from the business backend or the current scoreboard for a game server hosted in the cloud. Find out how to connect to and consume web services with your Android application. We’ll get connected to the cloud, working with REST web services and learning how to parse the results.
Dr. Truxall has been programming for a living since 1995, working previously with enterprise technologies modelling internal business processes and building public web sites, and now is working as a mobile architect bringing mobile apps to the enterprise. He is currently employed by Compuware in Detroit.

Dave Turner – The Android Maps v2.0 API

Dave Turner

The new Google Maps Android API (version 2) allows developers to create apps utilizing the entire feature set of the current Google Maps Android application. New capabilities introduced in the api include fragment support, a location tracking button, built-in info windows, third-party tile providers, bitmap and vector overlays. This library is built on top of a new vector based rendering engine supporting scrolling, zooming, tilting and bearing.  This workshop will review these new features and aid participants in creating their own Google maps project using the Google Maps API demo project as a base..

Dave Turner loves to code, and has been doing it in some form since 1999. He is experienced in many areas of software design and development including; database, web, desktop, automation processing and mobile devices.

Scott D. Weber – Animations in Android

Scott Weber

There are lots of ways to animate views in Android. This presentation will take a look at a few of them, focusing mostly on the use of Animators which were introduced in Honeycomb, but are available on older platforms thanks to the Nine Old Androids library. In addition to covering the basics, it will also consider some caveats and lessons learned from adding animations to our apps at Mobiata.

Scott is a Senior Software Engineer at Mobiata where he has been primarily focused on Android after a short stint with BlackBerry development. He is currently leading the Android development team for the Mobiata-branded apps FlightTrack and FlightBoard.