Recommended Software

Some of the sessions at DevFest will have a hands-on component. This part of the session is optional for attendees. Below is a list of the software each presenter has provided that would be required to follow along with their talks if software is required.

General Software Requirements:

Software for Nathan Dotz’s presentation on Test Driven Android Development:

This session will focus on using the Robolectric library for Android. The following links are useful to obtain this software and learn more about Roblectric:

Software for Godfrey Nolan’s presentation on Decompiling Android

This session will focus on how to Decompile Android APK’s. Godfrey will demonstrate some of the following tools:

Software for David Truxall presentation on Consuming Web Services with Android:

This session will focus on the how to use Android to pull down data from existing Web Services. David Truxall has put together a demonstration and a starter project which can be had from GitHub at:

David also will be using the Android Support Library v4. Instructions to install this library can be found at:
He also will be using Google’s gson JSON parser. It can be download from here:

Software for Dave Turner’s presentation on the Android Maps API V2:

This session will focus on the Android Maps API Version 2. Version 2 of the Android Maps API is included as part of the Google Play Services SDK. This SDK is downloadable in Eclipse in the SDK Manager. Below are some links to help you get started with the Google Play Services SDK: